How Much To Fix Laptop Keyboard Water Damage

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hello again and welcome to Dr. Noobs laboratory today I’m going to show you. how to handle spilling something on your laptop now there’s a lot of. misconceptions about this the main one being to try to turn it on once you once. it turns off and you spill something I know you actually want to leave it off. you actually want to pull battery as quickly as possible the main thing to. keep in mind with the laptop is react quickly remove battery rinse and leave. it alone this laptop looks thirsty

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okay so here I. am spilling pop and soda on the laptop as you can see it activated and took the. screen saver on so first thing we’re going to do is flip it over get that. battery out whether you’re going to pull a panel and pull the battery or whatever. the case may be get it out of there or unplug it get it turned off that is the.

How Much To Fix Laptop Keyboard Water Damage

most important thing is you do not want it to fry anything so we are actually. going to remove a panel and remove the hard drive also reason we’re doing this. is the hard drive has moving components in it you get any liquid in there your. data is probably going to be shot so it’s best to get it out of there before. we continue on if you can try to get as much cola soda pop milk coffee whatever. you spilled on it off of the laptop before rinsing it reason for this is. when you rinse it you’re gonna get more in there you want to get as much of it. off of there before rinsing it as possible although water will dilute it. you don’t want it getting in crevices and if you can or if you have know-how.

remove any extra panels remove any extra components like the RAM the CD drive. whatever you’re able to do and at this point we’re just going to. use really lukewarm water and give it a good spray down to try to get all that. junk out of there now it probably already went to the motherboard hey it. happens that’s fine that’s why we’re going to be weighed in the 72 hours. before trying to turn it back on but we just want to give it a really. really good rinse now just running it under faucet may not. be enough that’s why I’m using a sprayer this is definitely not something you. want to put into a dishwasher and after you do the full rinse off we’re going to. dry it off the best we can and then we’re just going to kind of let. it sit like this and here it is with all the other devices sitting for 72 hours.

okay some good news and some bad news on the laptop so the laptop actually works. I can get the data off I can type on it everything seems to work fine with the. exception of the touchpad Mouse the touchpad Mouse the Y access is really. screwed up it doesn’t want to move correctly however this little one here. because this has the touchpad and the little nub here to move around the nub. works fine plugging up another Mouse – it works fine now this you could order. and get the replacement part for it there also may be some residue or water.

still in there I mean it has been 72 hours. but keep in mind if there’s crevices or if there’s places where it can pool it. can still cause issues so with the laptop I’m actually going to leave it. off for another day or so just to see if that corrects the issue here if not you. still have a working laptop so and we spill pop right on the top where you’d. seep into the whole thing rinsed as quick as we could. and it still works and the other good thing about the laptops if you if you do. spill something on your laptop the fact that you pull the hard drive immediately. means your data can be saved data is the biggest thing people shouldn’t worry.

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about when the laptop goes because that’s got all your photos your videos. whatever you write basically all your contacts. so I mean it’s more important to worry about your data on the laptop than the. physical hardware itself the physical hardware itself you may have spill. coverage that’s another thing you can double check so trying to try to save it. absolutely fine I wouldn’t just spill and leave something out of it and leave. it to the warranty because they’re just going to ship you the part they’re not. going to help you recover your data so that’s all I have for spilling on a.

laptop it wasn’t a hundred percent but this isn’t a hundred percent whenever. you spill something on a like an electronic there’s a possibility of it’s. going to get fried so that’s why you absolutely have to react as quickly as. you can and that’s pretty much all I have have a great one if you have any. questions comments or concerns feel free to post them in the comment section. below I’ll be happy to answer them I have dealt with many laptops spills. coffee soda have a great one.

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