How to fix USB drive not recognized or not working in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

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Hello everybody and welcome to my YouTube channel and on this video these days we will see what to. Do if USB isn’t always identified by way of your Windows 10 system. If you’ll locate this video useful then please like and percentage this video. Now before everything let us begin with the primary. The first element which you will do is you may put off the USB motive force from one port after which.

Use it in another port to test if USB is identified or not. Now additionally the alternative issue to ensure is try and use your USB tool in another system to. Ensure that it is actually working or no longer. So, if you accompanied both of the stairs above and if it would not solved your trouble the. Let’s see what we will do next. What you do is Right click on “This PC”. Go to “Properties”. Then click on “Device supervisor” to open it. Then scroll down and search for “popular serial bus controller”.

How to fix USB drive not recognized or not working in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Now you will options here “USB mass storage tool”. What you do is proper click on on it, then “Uninstall”. Click on “OK”. Now once you have uninstalled the USB mass storage what you do is eliminate your do away with. Your USB force and reinstall it once more to check if this may fix the trouble or no longer. Now the opposite factor what we will do is we are able to visit the registry editor and test if we.

Have disabled USB from registry editor. Sometimes we may additionally disable it from registry editor and we neglect. So, for that one what you will do is you want to run registry editor. Press “Windows” and “R” button at the keyboard to pen this Run dialog box. Then kind “regedit” to open registry editor. Click on “Yes”. Now as soon as the registry editor windows is opened what we can do is we will go to H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. We will enlarge “machine”. We will expand Current Version. Ok Current Control Set, sorry. Then we will go to offerings here.

Then we will look for USB Storage, USB Storage ok. So, once you have long gone to the USB storage, now what you need to do is you need to check. The price of this “begin”. Make positive that the price of begin is “3”. Double click on it. You will see the value of start right here is “three”. If the fee of start is “4” in preference to ‘three” then what takes place is it’ll disable all the. USB ports so that on every occasion you put in any USB devices it might not be detected with the aid of Windows. 10 or Windows machine. So, make certain that the value of this USB garage is continually three.

Okay. Now the opposite component to test is to ensure, you need to ensure that USB ports, they. Aren’t disabled through they may be now not disabled from Group coverage. So, what we need to do is we want to run “Group Policy Editor” and test it. Press “Windows” and “R” button at the keyboard. Then type “gpedit.Msc”. By the inorder to run group policy or registry editor you want to log into your system as. An administrator. So, permit me open organization coverage. So, once you have opened Group coverage editor, you move this Administrative Templates right here.

Go to “Administrative Templates”. Go to “System”. Scroll down and search for “Removable garage Access”. Now you need to make certain that those alternatives “Deny execute access”, “Deny examine get right of entry to”. Or “Deny write get entry to” all of them need to be, it ought to be “Not configured” so that. USB storage, USB gadgets may be study or they may be written or they may be accomplished.

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So, after you go to group policy editor, ensure that “Remove disk deny execute get entry to”,. “Deny read get entry to”, “Deny write get right of entry to” and this one “All detachable storage training”,. These options have to be now not configured. So, follow these steps and I am certain you could repair this hassle.

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