How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive with Video Tutorial

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Hi, my name is Miguel from Avoiderrors. net in this tutorialI’m going to be showing you guys how to install windows [10] from a USB [drive] now this process will delete allInformation on your hard drive, so make sure to have a backup, now before we continueWe need to make sure what type operating system you’re, using whether it is 64 or 32-bit[right-click] this PC properties

how to install windows 10

Under system look whether is 64 or 32 in this case is?64-bitnow head over to the Microsoft downloads section of Windows 10 anddownload accordinglyNow this will download a tool once that tool is downloaded again. You will have to run that executableThere it isrun andLet’s start now hereSelect create installation media for another PC.

Even though you’re using it for this oneand click on nextSelect the language Edition and architectureandNow select the 64 bit on their architectureclick next andHere select usb flash drive is already pre-selected now once I click on next it should automatically detect that uSb driveBut I didn’t have it connectedonce connected all I need to do is refresh andit’ll auto Detect myRemovable drive, which is drive f has no label?

So I already selected so click on next to start creating a windows 10 installationUSB driveNow I’m going to fast forward this processPerfect my uSb flash drive is readyNow all we need to do is change the boot sequence in the bios to be able to boot from that usb driveNow when you boot the PC, you’ll look for something like thisF2 set up or F12 boot menu if you select boot a boot menu all you need to do is select the[USb] drive from the list now [it] should select [setup].

Which is [the] bios you’ll look for something like this nowThis is an old bios yours might be a lot different now[look] for the boot section andpretending that removable [drive] is myUSb drive [whoa]. I just have to follow the instructions in the bottom to make the removable drive orUSB drive the first boot device and again save the settings by following the instructionsOnce you save those settingsThe computer will restart and it will boot from that usb drive from here. Just follow the on-screen instructionsselect time language and keyboardnextinstall nowInstead [I] add the key if you have it. I don’t have it.

I’m just going to skip this stepaccess accept the license termsNow here select custom install windows only advancedandThis is how it looks if you have previously an operating system installedsystem we serve andDrive [0] partition 2 so we’re going to delete them both. That’s why you need a backupSo make sure [it’s] [selected] and click on deleteOk [to] confirm [and] do the same with system reservedNow if you are installing on a brand-new drive, this is how it would [look] a single unallocated spacenow make sure is selected andclick on nextBy clicking on next windows will automatically format and install windows 10Windows cannot be installed on a non formatted driveNow this process can [take] a while.

I’m going to fast forward the process here, [too]It’s going to restart several times if it asks you [to] [boot] to press any key to boot from CDDVD. Do not press any keyNow again, I’m not going to enter the product key. I don’t have it so I’ll do this laterand selectUse Express settingsHere select I own it. It doesn’t belong [to] any organizationNow here enter your Microsoft email and password if you have one I would like to use my email for an operating systemso I already do alocal account

So I’m gonna skip this stephere I can enter alocal account, so I’ll use myName, I’m not going to add a password if you your mother free toCreate one if you wantnextNow installing [Windows] 10 from a uSb is extremely fastIt doesn’t take more than five minutes to install windows from a uSB driveThis is also good if you’re installing it on a notepadNow that’s itThank you for watching this videoMy name is miguel if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section below. Thank you

This Is Video Tutorial Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive :

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